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Enjoy summer !

Discord Rules

It will be your responsibility as a player to follow these rules. Any circumvention or non-compliance with these rules will be sanctioned by our Staff. All players are equal and have the same rules. Each player is responsible for his actions and his words, respectful and fairplay is expected from the whole community.


1. Everyone should be treated with respect. You are free to discuss, even to debate, as long as you remain civil and courteous.
2. Do not surge your hate on a member for any reason. If you have problems with a member of the community, contact a moderator, in the worst case an admin.
3. Pay attention to your language. Speak as if you are in a public place (oh, but it is a public place). Moderate your insults. It is obviously prohibited to hold degrading, racist, xenophobic speeches etc.
4. Spam is prohibited, except in the spam channel dedicated.
5. It is forbidden to post NSFW content: pornographic, suggestive content, gores etc. Except in the nsfw channel dedicated.
6. The disclosure of personal information of others is prohibited.
7. Any form of discrimination against others is prohibited (Racial, sexual, physical discrimination, etc.).
8. Don’t make jokes about suicide / self-harm. (From 1 this kind of “jokes” have nothing to do on our platforms, from 2 it’s not even funny)
9. Blackmail is strictly prohibited.
10. The abusive troll against a player or a member of the Staff will be sanctioned. Your troll will be considered abusive if it seeks to harm, provoke, etc.
11. Identity theft is prohibited.
12. Harassment is prohibited.

We all have moments of weakness, but try to stay as correct as possible, even if it’s not mutual.


It is forbidden to mention any category of the server. If you must contact the Staff, please mention a member of the desired category and not the entire category.

As a reminder: the staff is divided into 3 categories.

Category: Staff - Administration which organizes tournaments and discord
Category: Staff - Moderation that moderates the server
Category: Staff - Tournaments thats makes tournaments works

1. Unnecessary mentions of a member of the staff for the purpose of trolling or other will be penalized.
2. Ghost ping is prohibited.
3. Spam ping is prohibited.


1. Each salon has its purpose, ask yourself how to use them. No penalty in case of error on your part but repeated several times, you will take a simple warning and a penalty. If you ever hesitate about using a lounge, ask other people !


1. Do not use an unwanted nickname or profile photo. If your nickname is perceived as being dangerous, hateful, racist, obscene or otherwise reprehensible, you will be warned that your nickname will have to be changed, if it is not done you will be punished.


1. Self promote is tolerated without being spammed, in the dedicated channel (#promote your media)

You will be penalized according to the rule violated and the gravity of your infraction.