Now Migrated from to Kuriso ! enjoy FAST connect

25 May 2021

osu!Aeris migration

osu!Aeris has changed Bancho !

Why ?

Since the beginning of Aeris, we've been using, and as I debuted my programming skills with Aeris, I edited it a lot ! and guess what! I didn't know what I was doing, so there were a lot of flaws and bugs, until recently, as I was talking with other private server devs, a friend of mine showed me Kuriso, a new and clean osu! Bancho, far more dev-friendly, so I tested it, and I decided to put it as the main serv, it's way more fast (20ms login time) and I can do more stuff for the future, and of course! nothing changes for you, and you got a bunch of new features!

And now, what do we got ?

  • Less Downtime
  • !relaxto see your relax status on your in game profile! (Lots of you wanted it)
  • Finally working referee system, with !addref just like osu!Bancho
  • Tournament client can connect directly to Aeris via setting your privateserver to
  • can i see the source code ?

    Of course! right there All the work returns to KotRik for making such a wonderful bancho


    osu!Aeris owner